Our services

From a bug idea, we create the conditions for a tailor-made CLT design, making the most of our resources and skills, packaging a finished project and then realizing, testing and maintaining it.
Systems for new generation Fo access networks for long distance projects;
Enel works: laying of OPGW cables (on pylons) and MV / LV terrestrial cables (lele 05);
Installation of charging stations for electric cars in Trentino Alto Adige and part of Lombardy.

MET Srl has a centralized design office that satisfies all needs, starting from the study of the layout to then define the drafting of the preliminary, final and executive project. This is followed by the request for permits from public and private bodies and, upon completion of the work, the release certifications. During the study of the routes, whenever possible, it initiates the procedures relating to the acquisition of alternative existing infrastructures on behalf of the Customer.

MET Srl specializes in the design and construction of long distance telecommunication / surveillance networks, access networks and radio networks, including the installation of towers. Since 2018 we have been creating MV / LV energy transportation networks.

The maintenance team, operating 24/7/365, deals with preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance throughout the national territory. From October 2021 it also covers the area of ​​Laives and South Bolzano on behalf of Edyna.

MET Srl carries out the laying of cables in the sewer and fiber optics inside gas pipes in operation. It also introduced the use of micro technologies in the Italian telecommunications panorama, presenting for the first time in 2004 the first micro tubes and micro cables and creating, on behalf of Fastweb, the first experimental connection in Italy (Città Ducale - L'Aquila February 2005).

In addition to the installation of telephone and energy systems, MET Srl was the first in Italy to install the semiautomatic permutator (SAODF) which allows to obtain:
- Remote control, no need for personnel to exit for reconfigurations
- Inter-connection and Cross-connection
- High density
- Quick response to customer requests
- Automated solution for fiber management and testing
- Low energy consumption that allows self-powered applications
- Use of standard industrial components
- Manual interventions possible at all times

MET Srl manufactures electric car charging systems, in the public and private sectors, dealing with civil installation (excavations, construction of pipes, laying cables, restoration of places), connection of the equipment to the electricity grid and testing. It then manages its activation, including ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.