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Our history

  • TEP6

    At the end of the first Gulf War, LUCENT Technologies, a company of the At & t group, was awarded the TEP6, a project for the construction of a last generation optical fiber telecommunications network associated with a wide coverage of the GSM mobile network. The project, for a long time one of the most aesthetic in the world, requires highly qualified personnel for the construction, certification and testing of the F.O.
  • 1996

    In these years MET Srl was born in Saudi Arabia, the result of the twenty-year experience of its founders, gained in Italy in the field of civil construction of laying, joining and testing of interurban and access telephone networks, on copper, Coaxial and Optical Fiber cables. on behalf of ASST and SIP / Telecom. MET Srl will soon take control of a Saudi telecommunications company headed by Al Mozoon Group Sa.
  • 1998

    After having built thousands of km of LD network in F.O. and carried out the copper wiring of various cities throughout the Saudi territory, in 1998 the division was awarded directly by Sauditel the construction of a new project called 80K (80,000 lines) which involves the design, connection, testing, commissioning service and subsequent maintenance of the latest generation electronic equipment: Anymedia produced and supplied directly by Lucent Technologies and used to strengthen the FO distribution network
  • 1999

    Strengthened by this experience and the successes achieved in Arabia, the Italian division of MET Srl was established in Milan, which immediately participated in the creation of the access network in F.O. on behalf of Metroweb, a project that will make Milan the most wired city in the world.
  • 2004

    First in Italy, in 2004 it presented microtechnology consisting of microcables and microtubes, a technique used for the first time by Fastweb for the construction of the Pomezia-Latina connection. This technique has now been adopted by all national providers.
  • 2009

    In 17 months, on behalf of EADS Defense and RTCC, he designs and builds the optical carrier necessary for the surveillance of the northern border of Saudi Arabia, from TURAIF (Jordan border) to Afra Al Batin (border Q8). There will be 1350 km of fiber optic cable laid with an air system inside a pipe installed using the Mole Plow method and 80 60 and 35 m towers erected.
  • 2021

    Today Met Srl, with 3 offices throughout Italy, collaborates with the main Italian Providers to create the conditions for a tailor-made design of the CLT, making the most of its resources and skills gained in the field for over twenty years.

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